Welcome to Future Chronicles, we specialise in event cosplay photography and cosplay image editing. We’ve been doing this since 2014 and have been found at a lot of the big midlands conventions. We are a collective of creative individuals who have trained and specialise in image editing, using Adobe Photoshop in the creation of fantastic images.

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We do 2 things.

Green screen convention photography.

1) We do comic convention cosplay photography and editing, on site and printed for you to either take away on the day or for us to post out to you.

Future Chronicles Photography service specialises in bringing your characters to life with our fantastic photography and/or digital artistry, which will provide the ultimate souvenir of your convention.

Edits of your sent in cosplay photography.

2) We do editing of the pictures you take at conventions.

There are some fantastic amateur cosplay photographers amongst the community who enjoy meeting up with friends and taking fantastic images. With this is mind we offer our digital editing expertise to really transport your pictures to another world. Check out our editing service here.