Writers’ Questions – Writers Block

When suffering writer’s block, how do I get the story onto the page?

I have a couple of methods I use to cure myself.

The first method I use when I can’t start a chapter/ story and I’m just staring at the blank screen.

This is nearly always because I can’t think of the exact moment in the story where the scene should start. I find that writing something mundane that the character is doing prior to the scene will start me writing and lead me into the bulk of the scene.  This slow intro will undoubtedly end up highlighted and deleted during the editing process, leaving me with the moment where the scene really starts.

The second method is when I’m in the middle of the story.

I know when I get writer’s block in the middle my muse isn’t working and either I need a break or I need to kick start it. I always try taking a break first, but if this doesn’t work then I force myself to write and keep writing until it becomes natural and flows again.

I find writing without my inner creativity sparking disconcerting. I doubt every word I write onto the page, but editing is my safety net – it allows this to be fixed. If the worst happens, and the entire passage is worthless, I can delete and rewrite later once my muse has started again.